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Julie Richardson, Co-owner
Julie is a native Bermudian who enjoys spending time with her family and spoiling her grandkids. She is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in the transportation and tour services industry. A retired teacher, Julie enjoys sharing the culture and history of Bermuda with our visiting guests. Julie is also a qualified Blue Flag Tour Guide who always shares interesting, personal stories of life in Bermuda.

Julie's personal statement, "I wake up every morning in anticipation of the people I will meet today. We often become friends and that is what excites me".

Ralph Richardson, MSc, Co-owner

Husband Ralph is a semi-retired business executive who loves sharing his island home with his visitors. He has served on the board of the Sea Education Association in Woods Hole Mass USA, is the former VP of the Bermuda Zoological Society and former Director of the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, a marine science museum. He also currently serves as a member of the board of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS).

Ralph's personal statement, "I now have the opportunity to return to something I really love to do, sharing Bermuda with our visitors. It is privilege which I get to enjoy with my wife Julie. What a great way to spend our retirement."

  • New Associates! - As we grow, Winsome would like to Introduce Anthony Caisey, Rene Bean, Gloria Smith, and Marilynn Smith, to our tour team. They have all earned 5 stars ratings on TripAdvisor with Winsome Tours - we are so pleased to have them aboard. As our company grows, Julie and I cannot absolutely commit to conduct your tour. However we have carefully selected mature intelligent drivers who will give you the best Bermuda tour in Winsome Style.

Ralph and Julie Richardson
Co-Owners, Winsome Tours