Crystal Caves

A Jewel-like Wonderland

Crystal Caves is a favorite attraction to see while visiting Bermuda. It is highly enjoyed by children as well as adults. Crystal Caves is located at located on 8 Crystal Caves Road, just off of Wilkinson Avenue, in Bailey’s Bay, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda. It was discovered by two young teens in 1905 and it became a tourist attraction in 1907. Now, thousands of visitors flock to see the splendor of Crystal Caves every year.

About 120 feet below the ground, Crystal Caves Bermuda is like visiting a wonderland. It is filled with naturally formed, glimmering, jewel-like stalactites that hang down from the ceiling of the cave and stalagmites that jut up from the floor of the cave. These stalactites and stalagmites are of varying sizes and shapes. The limestone formations took millions of years to develop. They’re quite an impressive sight. There is also an unbelievably clear, large subterranean pond of water in the cave that is approximately 55 feet deep. You can see the crystal formations below the surface of the water with perfect clarity. The view is particularly exhilarating and dramatic as you cross over the water on the floating wooden pontoon bridge, and stop to inspect the stalagmites under the water. Lighting has been installed in Crystal Caves Bermuda allowing for easy viewing and for taking pictures.

There are guided tours of Crystal Caves available. Having a tour guide to take you through the cave rounds the visit out nicely. They provide visitors with the complete history of the cave, and many other intriguing details and stories. The guides show visitors the “cell phone graveyard” which is where many visitors have dropped their cell phones while leaning over the railing to peer into the water. A word to the wise, hold tightly to your cell phones and other items.

Outside of Crystal Caves Bermuda is a small cafe called Cafe Ole. Here you can order light meals, beverages and snacks and eat at a shaded table. There is also on-site gift shop, called Fiddlestix, if you would like to purchase small gifts or souvenirs.


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